Play Diplomacy - France vs Super Germany (full game)

France vs SUPER GERMANY at Diplomacy. Wow.

The three units of France aginst a mighty brooding german empire. It is perhaps one of the most intimidating sights in Diplomacy. However the godo news is - we've got France!

Better still Alsthough ENgland is part of super Germany the AI is not going to think of an invasion, so France has easy borders.

let the fun begin!

At the start of part 2 we've done enough to secure our borders. Getting into picardy, munich and the top of Italy prevents any German invasion, but it would be a real boon to get into and hold Belgium, securing a sort of Maginot line as a springboard for an offensive!

At this stage with the North pretty secure (we've got into Belgium and the English Channel), the real gains are coming in the Balkans. Germany has not sent many troops down there and we are setting up a convoy route plus running through Austria Hungary to get there ASAP.

The French go a long way to polishing off the Germans, watch as the blue army goes a bit mental over Europe.

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