Play Diplomacy - Austria vs Super Italy (full game)

A distorted voice comentary unfortunetly for this one, but the humour lives on. It's a little Austria Hungary vs a great big Italian State!

The only way to survive here is to play the all out attack on the Balkans and hope Italy is nice to you. (HINT: IT is if you don't talk to it), then you get the three unit start and a small chance of holding on. That's when the fun starts, when the AI wakes up for real, you are completely surrounded!

It's tough but we are not getting crushed. More distorted sound sadly, but more humour to compensate. Holding onto the Austrian home land becomes mighty difficult here.

Austria has a foothold

but is far from safe. In this video I try to use the new troops to expand with into mainland europe, whilst Turkey is defintely a target.

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